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The Division of Agriculture is open and available by phone or internet contact. We are also available for necessary in-person meetings by appointment. If you need any kind of assistance, please call 907-745-7200 and our staff will be glad to help you.


Farm to Preschool Resources

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The Farm to School (FTS) program is designed to offer expertise and support to all areas of the state to pursue farm to school activities and interests. The prevailing program goal is having product produced and/or harvested in Alaska available in the school food environment. We hope that through a variety of outreach efforts, we will increase the procurement and use of food grown in the state by public schools.

The success of farm to school programs nationwide is dependent on the flexibility of the program to meet the diverse needs of the geography, community, and culture within a given state. Places with such extreme climatic and geographic conditions like Alaska need to be especially creative and resourceful while promoting Alaska's unique agricultural bounty.


2013 Mini-Grant Report

2012 Mini-Grant Report

Alaska Farm To School Strategic Plan

2011 Evaluation Report: AK Farm to School Program

2011 Farm to School mini-grant report


The Great Garden Detective Curricula

Alaska Ag Day is May 2nd, here are a couple of low cost activities to do with your students!

Farm to Preschool

Farm to School Youth Leadership Curriculum

National Farm to School Census

What is Farm to School? (brochure)

Alaska Agriculture Day: Potato Planting Activity

Alaska Lunch Tray Map

On-Farm Food Safety Workshops

Nutritional Alaskan Foods in Schools website

Alaska School Garden Food Safety Guidelines

Alaska Agriculture Day; Carrot Seed Tape Activity

National Farm to School Network (NFSN)

The FTS program in Alaska includes any activity that connects students, teachers, and the school food service with product grown and produced in Alaska. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Increasing Alaska grown food sales to the school meal program
  • Providing information for school garden development
  • Promoting Alaska Agriculture in the Classroom curriculum/education
  • Promoting farm visits
  • Participation in programs that educate youth about the food system
  • State-wide contests promoting farm to school activities
  • Local lunch celebrations
  • Resource / marketing development
  • Supporting existing farm / fish to school efforts
  • Facilitating discussion between school food service and food producers