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Correspondence Archive

The Correspondence Archive contains formal letters and comments on draft and final plans, regulations, and policy documents that affect federal lands and citizen interests in Alaska. These documents are filed in date order and grouped by year.

Current Year Correspondence

1/12/16 Geoffrey Haskett, Alaska Regional Director, USFWS Request for Proposed Rule Comment Period Extension 108KB
2/09/16 USFWS, Division of Natural Resources and Planning Comment Letter - Proposed Rulemaking on Managing Non-Federal Oil and Gas Activities 124KB
2/15/16 National Park Service, Alaska Region Comment Submission - 2016 Proposed Compendiums for Alaska 22KB
2/29/16 Charles Yudson, National Regulatory Affairs, BLM Request for Public Hearing on Proposed Planning Rule 106KB
4/05/16 USFWS, Division of Policy, Performance and Management Programs Comment Letter - Proposed Rulemaking on Wildlife Harvest and Public Process in Alaska Refuges 193KB
4/12/16 Dr. Herbert Frost, Alaska Regional Director, NPS Comment Letter - Proposed Rulemaking on Subsistence Collection 107KB
5/24/16 Director, National Office, BLM Comment Letter - Proposed Rulemaking for Planning 2.0 139KB
6/03/16 National Park Service Advisory Board Testimony - Advisory Board Meeting in Anchorage 106KB
6/24/16 Dr. Herbert Frost, Alaska Regional Director, NPS Clarification Request - MMOU between the State and the NPS [for reply, click here] 107KB
8/04/16 Neil Kornze, Director, BLM Protest Period Extension Request - Proposed Eastern Interior RMP/FEIS [for reply, click here] 106KB
8/30/16 Bruce Rogers, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve, NPS Comment Letter - Proposed Action, Backcountry and Wilderness Stewardship Plan 119KB

Prior Years Correspondence