Federal Grant Programs

State Coordination

Office of Project Management & Permitting, Division of Parks & Outdoor Recreation
and Department of Fish & Game

The State of Alaska participates in a variety of federal grant programs focused on the protection of habitat, resource values, public access and other public interests. The Departments of Natural Resources and Fish and Game are coordinating their efforts in working with partners, developing grant proposals, and implementing grants through these programs.

The following grant programs are available through the State and Federal governments. For more information explore the links below. We encourage anyone interested in proposing a project under one of these programs to contact the State as early as possible, at least two months prior to submitting a grant application so that we can work together to create a competitive proposal.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill - EVOS, Civil and Criminal Settlement Funds (EVOS)(ADNR)
Forest Legacy Program - FL (USFS)(ADNR)
National Coastal Wetlands Grant Program - NCW (USFWS)(ADNR)
Land and Water Conservation Fund - LWCF (NPS)(ADNR)
Land Owner Incentive Program - LOIP (USFWS)
North American Wetlands Conservation Act - NAWCA (USFWS)
Fish and Wildlife Service Recovery Land Grant - RLG (USFWS)
Recreational Trails Program - RTG (ADNR)
Sport Fish Restoration - SF (USFWS)
Wildlife Conservation Program - WR (ADF&G) (USFWS)
Corps of Engineers Mitigation Program - (USEPA)(USCOE)

Links to managing and participating agencies above provide additional information about the goals, objectives and current projects of each program. For a snapshot of each program, summary documents in the sidebar at left may be helpful.

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