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2020 Lease Applications, Public Notice and Maps

Contact Shore Fisheries Leasing Program

Dept. of Natural Resources
Div. of Mining, Land & Water
Shore Fisheries Unit
550 W 7th Ave Suite 900C
Anchorage, AK 99501-3576
Phone: (907) 269-8503
Fax: (907) 269-8913

2020 Lease Applications, Public Notice and Maps

Public Notice Cover Letter (PDF) Public Notice for 2020 Shore Fishery Lease Applications(PDF)

Note: The following maps are only a graphical illustration based on information provided by the applicants. These are not the exact locations of the proposed lease sites or adjacent leases. These maps are only provided as a reference for noticing purposes. The actual Shore Fishery Diagrams will depict exact coordinates/locations. For more information contact a Shore Fishery Leasing representative.

Public Notice Maps

Alaska Peninsula

Southeastern District

Bristol Bay

Cook Inlet


Northwest Kodiak District
Totemoff, Charles (ADL 224456)