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Amended Plats

Contact Survey Section

Dept. of Natural Resources
Div. of Mining, Land & Water
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Anchorage, AK 99501-3576
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Amended Plats

Only the land surveyor or engineer who sealed the original plat may alter that plat. No other professional, Borough, or State official has that authority.

  1. The surveyor who sealed the plat to be amended must present a letter to the appropriate Borough Platting Officer (or appropriate State official if the plat is not under the jurisdiction of an organized borough) requesting Platting Authority approval.

    1. This letter shall include a clear statement that the plat requires correction and the reason why.

    2. The surveyor must agree to re-file the corrected plat along with the Surveyor's Affidavit containing the necessary information.

  2. The corrections to be made must have prior approval from, and the letter be countersigned by, the Borough Platting Officer at the direction of the Platting Authority or the appropriate State official as dictated by the statute, regulation, or ordinance.

  3. The appropriate Platting Officer or State official shall, upon approval, forward the letter to the appropriate District Recorder's Office for approval prior to allowing the plat to be withdrawn from State files by the land surveyor or engineer.

  4. A Surveyor's Affidavit will be prepared by the land surveyor on firm letterhead (see attached Surveyor's Affidavit).

  5. Immediately above the title block on the original filed plat, the statement "AMENDED PLAT" must be placed in bold capital letters.

  6. The plat will include a revision block noting the changes in detail and the date of the revisions.

  7. Both the corrected plat and Surveyor's Affidavit will be filed together.