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Share GPS Data

Contact Survey Section

Dept. of Natural Resources
Div. of Mining, Land & Water
550 W 7th Ave Suite 650
Anchorage, AK 99501-3576
(907) 269-8523

Share your GPS Data

The Department of Natural Resources Survey Section is encouraging participation in the National Geodetic Survey's (NGS) “Sharing your OPUS Solution” program. Please don't let your GPS data go to waste. You can make a difference. Share it instead.

Why share? Your data can help improve Alaska's ties to the National Spatial Reference System. Your observations will strengthen the Alaska models used to translate between modern and legacy mapping products.

You are invited to participate in the NGS's data sharing program. When you process a 4+hour GPS data file, please share your OPUS solution by providing two photographs of the occupied monument; one photo of the markings on the cap (close-up) and the other showing the tripod - occupation set-up (horizon view).

When you submit your GPS data for an OPUS solution, expand the “Options” button and pick “Yes, Share”. Open NGS Sharing Page