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ANILCA Boundary Maps

    Naming abbreviations:
  • NP = National Park
  • NPr = National Preserve
  • NM = National Monument
  • NWR = National Wildlife Refuge
  • NRA = National Recreation Area
  • NCA = National Conservation Area

These files are scans of large format color negatives of the original maps used by Congress and referred to in Title III of the Alaska National Interest Land Conservation Act of 1980 (ANILCA).

The maps show the boundaries of the Conservation System Units created or expanded by ANILCA, as of December 2, 1980.

The photographs of the maps were taken by State personnel within several days of the December 2, 1980 passage of ANILCA.

The negatives are located in the State of Alaska archive.

The negatives are 8" x 10", clear negative color film sheets. They were scanned by the NPS at 600 dpi resolution with a color adjustment setting made for older color negatives. Adobe Elements software was used for the scanning.