Shuyak Island

State Park

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Shuyak Island State Park comprises most of the island's 47,000 acres. The park encompasses part of a coastal forest system, unique to the Kodiak Archipelago, which contains only one tree species: Sitka spruce. Besides a virgin Sitka spruce forest, the park includes miles of rugged coastline, beaches and protected waterways.

Groceries and other supplies must be purchased before you arrive on Shuyak. A state park ranger or volunteer may contact you during your visit. Our staff is there to assist you. They may be able to provide communication to the mainland, but only in an emergency. Visitors should be as self sufficient as possible; assistance could be hours or days away. The Shuyak experience is one of the wilderness. Those who have planned their trip carefully find the greatest rewards.

Shuyak Island is at the tip of the Kodiak Archipelago and is subject to severe and unpredictable weather. Sea conditions can deteriorate rapidly: large swells, rough seas, high winds, and heavy surf occur frequently in open waters. The inner bays are generally protected, but in either area in these waters hypothermia can set in within minutes. Generally, rainfall averages about 4-6 inches per month in the summertime. Temperatures (Fahrenheit) range from the low 40's to the low 60's.


★ ADA Facility - No
★ 49,734 Acres
Cabin (4) (see fee page)


★ Camping
★ Fishing
★ Hunting
★ Trails
★ Kayaking

No road access.

Driving Directions:
54 air miles north of Kodiak Island.