Ft. Rousseau Causeway State historic Site
Fort Rousseau Causeway State Historic Site

Located west of the Sitka airport runway, Fort Rousseau Causeway State Historical Park provides a unique opportunity for visitors to discover Sitka’s WWII history. Although there is no land access to the park, a short boat ride or kayak is worth the effort. Visitors to the park can explore numerous WWII features including ammunition magazines, lookouts, gun emplacements, and the headquarters command center. The park also offers great opportunities for picnicking and wildlife viewing. Fort Rousseau Causeway SHP is undeveloped with no visitor facilities.

Fort Rousseau is part of the Sitka Naval Operating Base and U.S. Army Coastal Defenses National Historic Landmark. In addition to National Historic Landmark status, the fort’s significance as the headquarters for the harbor defenses of Sitka during World War II also earned it designation as a State Historical Park in April 2008.

A management plan for the park is being developed. Trail improvements, interpretive displays, and some visitor facilities are planned.

Visit these websites and centers for more information on the park’s history:

1. Sitka’s WWII Site: http://www.sitkaww2.com/
2. Sitka Historical Society and Museum, 330 Harbor
    Drive, Sitka AK (located in Harrigan Centennial
    Hall): http://www.sitkahistory.org/


★ Undeveloped
★ 60 Acres
★ Trails


★ Historical site
★ Trails

No Road Access

Ft. Rousseau Causeway SHP