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DNR FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Maps & Geographic Information System (GIS)


Purchasing State Land




Public Use Cabins

State Forests and Trees

State Parks

Visitor Information

Water Issues

Maps & Geographic Information System (GIS)

What type of GIS information can I obtain from DNR?

The Alaska State Geo-Spatial Data Clearinghouse (ASGDC) provides an electronic pathway for the public to access a wide variety of information in the form of maps, images and descriptions about Alaska geo-spatial data. The ASGDC combines the documentation for GIS data from participating state and local government agencies and is organized by theme.

The DNR Open Data Hub provides access to geo-spatial land and resource data, applications, maps, and publications produced and maintained by the divisions and offices of the Department of Natural Resources.

There are datasets available to the public, including: biological, boundary, cultural (such as cities), DNR land records, environmental, general land status, geoscience, graticule (such as section and township grids), natural resources (such as mining claims), physical features, and transportation (such as pipelines and roads).

Data may also be obtained in alternate forms (i.e. CD-ROM) by contacting the GIS Public Access Coordinator.

What types of maps are available from DNR?

The DNR Map Library provides online access to maps created and distributed by DNR. Maps are available for download in PDF format at no charge. Each map in the library also indicates where a paper version may be purchased and the cost.

The types of maps available include:

Land Selections
Land Status
Mental Health
Miscellaneous (i.e. Election Districts and Townships)
Public Interest
Roads and Trails

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Can I obtain gravel from state land?

You may purchase up to 200 cubic yards of gravel for personal use from the state. Rates may vary per region. Not all pits are open to the public. The Public Information Center can help you identify which are open for your use and issue permits.

How do geographic features get named?

Through Alaska's Geographic Names Program. Proposals for new names of geographic features in Alaska are considered by the Alaska Historical Commission under the Office of History and Archaeology, Division of Parks & Outdoor Recreation.

How do I research information on a piece of land?

To look up information on land that the state owns, check out our web site at If you have additional questions on state land, you can come into the Public Information Centers.

Federal lands information can be found at the Bureau of Land Management. For information regarding private property, contact the borough where the property is located. If the property is not located in a borough or municipality, contact the Recorder's Office for the appropriate district.

Purchasing State Land

Can I purchase land from the State?

DNR periodically has land offerings where surveyed parcels are auctioned to the high bidder. The public is notified through news advertisements, general media releases, Public Information Center general information messages, and posted on the Division of Mining, Land & Water Land Offering web page. Parcels not sold through the auction are later offered "Over the Counter" for the minimum bid price plus handling fee.

State Land Auction - Typically takes place in the spring. All parcels currently available are offered through the "Over the Counter" program.

For Remote Recreational Cabin Staking Program information please visit the Remote Recreational Cabin Staking Program web site.

The University of Alaska Land Management Office, Mental Health Trust Land Office, boroughs, and cities also have land disposals. Check with them directly for current information.

Can I get a homestead in Alaska?

We do not have a homesteading program at this time. If a homestead program is opened in the future, the public will be notified through news advertisements, general media releases, Public Information Center general information messages, and posted on the Land Offering web page.

Can I purchase land for agriculture?

The Division of Agriculture occasionally sells land for agricultural purposes. More information can be found on the Agricultural Land Offering web page and at the Public Information Centers.

How can I nominate state land to be sold?

If you are interested in nominating land for state land sale programs fill out a nomination form and return it to a Public Information Center. You must include basic information about the location of the nominated land, whether or not the land is owned by the State of Alaska, and if it is classified for settlement under land use plans, or designated for some other use. You may nominate land for residential use, recreational use, or remote sites for the stake-it yourself program.

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Mining on State Owned Land

Prior to mining on state land, be sure to peruse the fact sheets and visit the Mining Resources web page for up-to-date information.

Fact Sheets

Recreational Gold Mining Fact sheets

Time Saving Tips for Gold Seekers
Hatcher Pass Recreational Mining Area
Petersville Recreational Mining Area
Recreational Gold Panning In State Parks
Nome Offshore East and West Beach Recreational Mining Arease

For additional information about mining on state land, view the Mining web site or contact the Public Information Center. For information regarding mining on federal land, contact the Bureau of Land Management.

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Can I pay my DNR bill on-line?

Yes, we are now accepting payments online by credit card or from your bank account. Payments can be made on all Land Lease, Land Sale, Shore Fishery, and other Water agreements as well as for Mining Claims.

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Public Use Cabins

General information, reservation & fee information, and cabin locations are available for Alaska State Park Cabins on-line. To check availability of a particular cabin, look for the gray button next to each of the cabin names.

Other Agencies with Cabins:

USFS Cabins
National Park Service Cabins
National Wildlife Refuge Cabins
Bureau of Land Management Cabins

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State Forests and Trees

Where can I cut wood for house logs and firewood?

You need to contact your local Division of Forestry office to find out where firewood cutting is allowed and how to obtain a permit.

Can I cut a Christmas tree on state land?

The Division of Forestry authorizes Christmas tree cutting on unrestricted state lands each year. Visit our Christmas Tree cutting page for maps and information on the lands available for Christmas tree cutting, as well as tree care information. For additional information contact your local Division of Forestry office or the Public Information Center. A permit is not required.

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State Parks

Where are the State Parks campgrounds and how do I make reservations?

State Parks campgrounds do not accept reservations. Sites are available on a first come-first serve basis. For campground locations, view our Alaska State Parks Statewide Brochure on-line or request one from the Public Information Center.

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Visitor Information

Where can I learn more about Alaska?

Alaska Tourism Office
Alaska Tourism Marketing Council
Alaska Public Lands Information Center
Alaska Geographic Association
Alaska Historical Collections (historical photos)

Where can I find hunting and fishing information for the state of Alaska?

The Department of Fish & Game web site will provide you with the regulations and licensing information.

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Where can I find information about river flow, height and forecasts?

USGS River/Water Data monitors river flow and height.
National Weather Service River Forecast Center provides river forecasts.