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eRecording hours will remain Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 3:30 pm (more info)

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filing Fees

29.516(a); A.S. 45.29.525; 11 AAC 05.010 (a)(15)

Recorded and/or filed documents and ALL information contained within those instruments become the permanent public record and are available for public viewing and/or purchase.

Make checks payable to: Department of Natural Resources

A.   Initial Financing Statements, except Fixture Statements*, per filing $20.00
B.   Amendment 10.00
C.   Assignment of secured interest 10.00
D.   Continuation 10.00
E.   Partial Release 10.00
F.   Termination 10.00
G.   UCC transmitting utility filing (UCC Central Only) 50.00
H.   Correction Statement 10.00
I.    Request for information (per name searched) 15.00
J.   Request for information with copies (per name searched) 25.00
K.   Individual copies (per document) 2.00
L.   Certification (per document)** 5.00
*  Fixture Statements are recorded documents.   All types of amendments affecting recorded UCC documents are also subject to the Recording Fee schedule.   Please see Recording Fees,  New Financing Statements (other than fixture statements) can ONLY be filed in UCC Central.

**   Include certification fee with normal copy fee when ordering certified copies.